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Inayra Herron

Microblading & Make~up

Hello My Name is Inayra like (p a n e r a) no P .... I have always been in the Makeup industry and have always had a passion for it. I have some years of experience. I have calmed and eased the hearts of  Brides, Proms and Homecomings Even Pageantry. I received my certifications in Microblading and it is truly an form of art and knowing that I can potentially work with someone whom has a hair condition or even cancer I can assist them in boasting Their Confidence  is truly special. I can't wait until I see the finished product sometimes because of my client's finished results are amazing . Thank You for allowing me to share my story and for allowing me to Enhance Your inner Beauty.... <3 

Inayra Herron: Team Members
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